Diversey™ Good Sense® Automatic Spray System

Continuously freshens air anywhere odors are present. Uses concentrated aerosol technology to deliver a dry and fine mist of odor counteractant resulting in long-lasting action against malodors. No complex programming required, the unit can be set up in 2 easy steps. Multiple delay settings are available to customize operations. Integrated photocell, when activated switches unit automatically to night mode when lights are out. Efficient against tobacco, mold and mildew odors and other washroom malodors. A simple and efficient solution to on-going odor control needs. Use with 4806 dispenser. 19 g cartridges.


Diversey™ Good Sense® Cartridge - Fresh

19 g, Fresh, 12/cs
Manufacturers Item #904809

Diversey™ Good Sense® Cartridge - Tuscan Garden™

19 g, Tuscan Garden™, 12/cs
Manufacturers Item #904889